Valve sold more Steam Controllers than they had. Check your order

Valve sold more Steam Controllers than they had. Check your order

Dec 03 Daniel  
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Last week we told you about the cessation of production of Steam Controller, with the latest Steam Controller units offered for sale during the Autumn Sales of Steam at a bargain price (90% discount) on the Valve platform, and was quickly sold out.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that Valve has accepted more orders for Steam Controllers than there were actually available, and since production has ended as we said, they can not meet all the requests received.

This means that there is a possibility that your order may have been canceled. For example, many users of ResetEra and Reddit reported that all the other components of their order had been regularly processed, while the one for the Steam Controller had been canceled.



“During our recent sales, we took more orders for the Steam Controllers than we could satisfy market. Because we’re no longer producing the product, we can’t ship you one, and we’ve refunded your purchase,” says a message from Steam Support.

In short, if you were one of those who took advantage of the very low price of the Steam Controller, check that your order has been successful.


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