PSVR 2: New Patent describes gesture control for a user interface

PSVR 2: New Patent describes gesture control for a user interface

Jan 02 Daniel  
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A submitted patent describes the gesture control of a user interface for VR and AR glasses. For a possible PSVR2, this would be quite practical.

Although a new generation of Sony VR glasses PlayStation VR is not officially confirmed, it is quite likely that work is already underway behind closed doors.

Some possible patents for a “PSVR2” have already appeared and now there are hints on how to operate the user interface of the next PSVR generation. According to a new patent, gesture control could be used for this, i.e. symbols and options could be activated by closing the hand or menu pages could be scrolled through by swiping.

The patent explains a “GESTURE-BASED USER INTERFACE FOR AR AND VR WITH GAZE TRIGGER”, whereby the user interface is operated solely with hand and gesture movements. A very reasonable option if you are currently lingering under the headset and do not want to blindly search for a controller etc.

Examples include a closed fist or a hand movement that is carried out in a swiping movement. It is also interesting that the technology cannot be applied to PlayStation VR alone, but also to external hardware from Microsoft or Nintendo, as well as TVs, laptops, tablets, PCs, smartphones, etc.

As with any patent, it is of course not certain that the technology will be used in a finished product. However, gesture control in the UI seems to make sense.


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