Leaks changes to Pokémon source: Pink Pokémon, original slogan, translations, and more

Apr 13 Daniel  
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Interesting information related to the history of Pokémon comes to us. This has recently been leaked and features materials from Pokémon Red and Blue.

It’s a series of details related to the origins of the franchise that are undoubtedly very interesting. We’ll leave them for you below:

Next to Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Pink was to be launched, starring Clefairy. Remember that Clefairy was the character that was going to accompany Ash in the original anime, before it was decided to change it to Pikachu.

The preliminary logo of the franchise was also shown, whose slogan was Catch’em if you can! (Catch ’em if you can!) instead of Gotta catch’em all! (Get them all!).

Finally, changes have been found in the English translation of Pokémon Red and Blue:

  • Full Heal is to be called Supreme Heal
  • Great Ball is going to be called Super Ball
  • Team Rocket is going to be called Rocket Team
  • References to murder and male chauvinism were also removed.



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