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In recent days an image with the logos of Xbox Game Studios and SEGA has peeped out on Twitter, Reddit and other social channels, anticipating news apparently coming next June 14. Many have begun to hope that this concerns the acquisition of the Japanese house by Microsoft, but this hypothesis is highly unlikely.

It’s hard to think that Microsoft could buy a company active in various sectors such as SEGA Holdings, in addition to video games the company deals with many other businesses especially in Japan, including gyms, hotels, spas, amusement arcades and much more, just like Konami. Although the physical sales of SEGA games no longer reach the numbers of the past, the Digital Entertainment sector continues to record good profits and in the last quarter, the company has grossed over a billion dollars, in fact, a third of what the Xbox brand generated in the same period.

SEGA Holdings is a healthy company with solid IPs like Yakuza, in addition to a legacy catalogue of great impact and usable in various ways (think of the collections or the launch of the SEGA Mega Drive Mini) the company has also recently increased investment in its flagship franchises with the aim of publishing new titles of the most popular series with a shorter timeframe than in the past.

Microsoft, as we know, is continuing to expand Xbox Game Studios, however so far the Redmond house has focused on small and medium studios (think Obsidian, inXile and Ninja Theory) to grow and incorporate in its structure, multi-billion dollar companies such as SEGA or Konami do not seem to be married with the philosophy of acquisitions carried out by Phil Spencer.

This obviously does not exclude possible future collaborations between Microsoft and SEGA, especially in this historical period that sees Xbox Game Pass about to debut in Japan and the next arrival of Xbox Series X and Project xCloud. The leaked image, in any case, seems to be false and the layout has already been used for other fake rumors in the past, so we invite you to be wary of this voice


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